Learner Driver Defensive Driving Course: Monday May 2nd 2022

Written by Neil Bedford


Learner Driver Defensive Driving Course: Monday May 2  2022

We have a new date for our next Learner Driver Defensive Driving course. (now called H.O.T.S. 1).

H=High O=Order T=Training S=Stage 1  Here is the link to register with us at Co-Driver: https://www.co-driver-australia.com.au/special-events


This specially designed program covers various aspects of defensive driving and low risk driving. In this 3.5 hour practical session you will learn the following key information: Correct seating and steering position -  Emergency braking techniques and application of ABS - Crash avoidance techniques and skid reduction - Vision principles for steering and crash prevention - Vehicle safety and technology. 


 $227 per learner/parent combination. (1 Vehicle)  


The sessions are all practical and there is no theory content. Some online pre-course learning will be provided for you to complete prior to the course as foundation knowledge for the practical driving session. It is advised that the learner driver has a minimum of 35 hours on road and can operate the vehicle with minimal supervisor instruction. (brake, accelerate and steer independently)

Each learner driver will need to supply their own vehicle for all driving activities. (manual or automatic) If minimum numbers are not achieved a full refund will be provided. Red P platers are also welcome to attend this program.

BOOK NOW: Places for these sessions are limited to 20 per session. Stay tuned to avoid disappointment. Sessions will be filled based on a first in first served priority system.

WHEN and WHERE: Monday May 2nd 2022. Venue: Willowbank Dragway, Ipswich Qld: Session Times: 10am - 2pm Please arrive 30 minutes before to sign in. For further information please call Phil on 0478 163 379.

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