Lesson Requirements

Written by Neil Bedford

You have found your local, professional, and friendly driver training team! We train drivers of all ability levels for both "Manual" and "Automatic" transmission vehicles.

Your instructors are fully qualified and insured professionals who are able to assist you through every stage of your driving tuition from the complete novice through to your Red P's and beyond! 

All we ask of you is that you get in the car with a positive attitude and a big smile, and to follow these few simple rules!

1. The learner/student must at all times during lessons have on their person their learners’ licence. No licence, no lessons and you will also be liable for the cost of the lesson!

2. Dress suitably for each lesson, i.e. appropriate and clean clothing, prescription glasses, comfortable shoes. During your lessons, our instructors are required to look at the feet and pedals of each student for correct operations.

3. Be on time for the lessons.

4. All mobile devices are to be switched off or in airplane mode.

5. All lesson payments are to be paid prior to lesson commencing if paying by cash unless otherwise arranged. Our Instructors can in lesson time, take students to nearest ATM. This will use students driving/learning time and no time extensions are possible and nor is payment at a later date.

6. Remember that our instructors are there to help you. So, there is zero tolerance for bad behaviour/misconduct, disrespect or inappropriate language, bullying, assault, intimidation or any other form of poor behaviour. To be respected is to respect.

7. The prices supplied are to remain confidential and are subject to industry changes with notice supplied.

8. In the event of an accident, I agree that I the student, am responsible for the payment of the motor vehicle insurance excess in a timely manner.

9. I understand that any damage of a criminal nature caused by myself to UTTER Training vehicle or any other property or vehicle while participating in training will be repaired at my own cost in a timely manner.

10. I agree to have front/interior and rear camcorders record each of my lessons.

11. To obey all traffic regulations and laws of Qld whilst under instruction driving UTTER Training vehicles.

12. I agree to inform of any medical conditions that may affect the ability to operate a motor vehicle.

13. Not to consume any illegal drugs or alcohol within 24-hours of my driving lessons.

14. Follow all occupational health and safety requirements.

15. Remember to have fun and if you aren’t sure about something, ask us about your issues or concerns. We don’t bite!!

**Please be sure to advise your instructor if there are any special requirements you require for, or during your lesson.

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