The Hazard Perception Test

Written by Neil Bedford

Hazard perception is an important skill and takes time and experience to develop. Demonstrating you have the ability to identify and safely respond to hazards represents an important step in your journey to becoming a safer driver.

Understanding how to scan the road ahead, recognise a potential hazard and respond safely is a skill that will protect you and others on the road. Having time to make decisions when driving can be the difference between responding safely and having a crash.

Remember the 3-step approach:

    1. Scan: Continue to scan the road environment and identify risks when driving at all times.
    2. Recognise: Recognise the difference between potential hazards and hazards that require you to respond. A hazard can be any potential source of danger on or near the road that could lead to a crash. A hazard can come from any direction.
    3. Respond: Learning to recognise a hazard early allows you to make a well-informed decision on the safest way to respond.



Please take note that before Thursday 1 July 2021 you are able take the hazard perception test before or after your practical driving test. 

If you do it before July 1st the fee is $37.05

Then after Thursday 1 July 2021, you will need to pass the hazard perception test before you can take your practical driving test. The cost will increase to $37.70 from 31st July 2021

You will need to pay a fee before you can get access to the test. You will have access to the test for up to 12-months. 

(Information provided from TMR)

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