Return to work Monday 9th August 2021

Written by Neil Bedford

Good afternoon one and all!

We are back on the road!

With last week's lessons cancelled due to COVID Lockdown, we have rescheduled your missed lessons for this week 09/08/21 to the same time where there is a lesson available. We may have tests booked to contend with too!!

Could you please check the rescheduled time for after tonight, Sunday 8 August, and let us know that you can confirm online that you are available otherwise we will attempt to work something out that may suit you if possible.

I also ask that if you have any form of feeling unwell-

  • sore throat
  • coughing
  • runny nose
  • headache
  • temperature
  • body aches or pains...and please REMEMBER YOUR MASK!

PLEASE, stay home and cancel your lesson as soon as possible. There will be no exceptions. We will be asking questions regarding your health prior to entering the vehicle and we are still required to wear masks during all lessons and to use hand sanitiser before entering the vehicle.
We will have a digital thermometer to use if you do look or feel unwell. We have to think about the health and safety of ourselves and have a duty of care to you, your families and ours, as we may all have elderly or frail family members!
If you have any issues or questions in regards to anything mentioned above, please phone or leave a message for Phil  Barbara or myself on 0401 440 471 as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

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* COVID update and Driving Tests 02/08/2021 *

Written by Neil Bedford

Further to our last COVID update we are now seeing this lockdown extended to next Sunday night 8th August at 4pm. New cases are being diagnosed in our local areas! Please follow all instructions for yours and our safety. Mask up, get tested and use the opportunity to get the countries vaccinations rates up! For the unfortunate few hoping to get your tests but have now had them cancelled please be patient! As you can see on our Facebook page, it does say they will be in touch with you! We will will also work with you when TMR reopen for tests. Please keep checking on our Facebook page for more information when you can. As and when we get news we will, of course, update you all! Stay safe and help each other through these very trying times!

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