Learner Driver Defensive Driving Course: Monday May 2nd 2022

Written by Neil Bedford


Learner Driver Defensive Driving Course: Monday May 2  2022

We have a new date for our next Learner Driver Defensive Driving course. (now called H.O.T.S. 1).

H=High O=Order T=Training S=Stage 1  Here is the link to register with us at Co-Driver: https://www.co-driver-australia.com.au/special-events

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Defensive Driver Training

Written by Phil Utteridge

We would like to welcome Tim from Co-Driver Australia who has joined as part the UTTER Training team. Tim and the UTTER Training Team, Karen, Barbara, Neil and Phil are looking forward in becoming part of a solution to help Learners and P Platers become safer, well informed and prepared drivers for the future by conducting Defensive Driver Training programs starting in 2022.

We look forward to working with Tim and his Co-Driver Australia Team. As part of the Team, we are all pro-active in changing the future of Driver education in the young Driver community for the future.  

We strongly encourage all our learners, along with their Mums, Dads or supervising drivers to look into and invest in the video courses that Tim has created here - https://www.co-driver-australia.com.au/

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