Instructors at UTTER Training Driving School

Driving School Instructor Phil Utteridge

Phil Utteridge

Manual Car

Mitsubishi Lancer GSR


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As Instructors, we are trusted with helping young adults finding their way in the world of driving. At UTTER Training, we cater for the way our students learn. If it takes time to learn or just learning difficulties, we invest more time where needed or adjust our techniques to suit.

With my experience of 36 years of driving in all manner of vehicles I have learned that patience, courtesy, safe practices behind the wheel and knowledge has awarded me Safe Driver Awards in the Transport Industry and an excellent reputation. I pride myself on my skills as a driver. My mission every day is to pass these skills, knowledge and safe driving onto future drivers, ONE STUDENT at a time. I am passionate about road safety and safety in life skills. We all want to come home safe and well each and every day to our families. The earlier we start with Learner Drivers the better. 

We feel every feeling and emotion that our students feel in every lesson and on Test Day. UTTER Training will always work to having positive outcomes for each student with every lesson and Driving Test. We get up every day and feel like we can make a difference one student at a time. I enjoy what I do and meeting new students and their families. I feel privileged that parents trust me with their children moving to adulthood. The reward is seeing these young people pass us on the road for years and we can say..."I helped them do that".

Driving School Instructor Neil Bedford

Neil Bedford

Manual Car

Hyundai i30


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Our lessons at UTTER Training have purpose through a blend of motivation and inspiration! Teamwork!! 

As an instructor with 40 years of driving around the world, I share and use my experiences to prepare you for what may happen out there in the real world!

There is plenty of work involved in teaching a student to pass their test and get their P licence, but we will help you develop safe driving habits to give you years of safe driving.

Driving instructors must demonstrate that they are honest, knowledgeable and have the ability to teach young drivers to operate a motor car safely. At UTTER Training my colleagues and I pride ourselves in doing just that!

The satisfaction in starting with a nervous, or anxious driver who then overcomes their apprehensions is powerful motivation!  The more they put in, the more you see their confidence shine through!

I frequently teach school-aged students, but also individuals in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50 who may have only recently wanted or needed to drive!

Helping them to develop good driving skills is why I get out and do what I do! I make sure each individual is comfortable in what they are learning before moving on.

When I wrap up each lesson, it’s great to see them end on a high and see them keen to come back and learn more! 

When you share the moment and see the smile on their face when they return from their test and get told they have passed, PRICELESS !

Fully certified trainer with Blue Card and Keys2Drive accreditation and current member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association.

Driving School Instructor Karen Steyn

Karen Steyn

Manual & Auto Car

Suzuki Swift Auto

Honda Jazz Manual


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Hi Karen here, I am both a manual and auto driving Instructor.

I find it very rewarding watching you become a safe and proficient driver.  It is important to me that I coach you and equip you with the skills you will need to be the best driver you can be!

I am passionate about road safety and will share my knowledge and skills to ensure you develop safe driving habits for the rest of your driving life and not just for passing your test.

I have an energetic, positive personality and will patiently work with you on all and any driving lesson you have, regardless of how many hours you have recorded. Are you ready to go on an adventure?....Let's Get Going!

QLD TMR Driver Trainer Authority holder

Keys2Drive Accredited

Working With Children Blue Card

Late Model 5 Star ANCAP Safety Rated Vehicles ( Honda Jazz & Suzuki Swift)


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