Neil Bedford

Our lessons at UTTER Training have purpose through a blend of motivation and inspiration! Teamwork!! 

As an instructor with 40+ years of driving around the world, I share and use my experiences to prepare you for what happens out there in the real world!

Driving instructors must demonstrate that they are honest, knowledgeable and have the ability to teach young drivers to operate a motor car safely. At UTTER Training we pride ourselves in doing just that!

The satisfaction in starting with a nervous, or anxious driver who then overcomes their apprehensions is powerful motivation!  The more they put in, the more you see their confidence shine through!

Helping them to develop good driving skills is why we get out and do what we do! We make sure each individual is comfortable in what they are learning before moving on. When we wrap up each lesson , it’s great to see them on a high and keen to come back and learn more! 

When you share the moment and see the smile on their face when they get told they have passed, PRICELESS ! 

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