Phil Utteridge

Manual Car

Mitsubishi Lancer GSR


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As Instructors, we are trusted with helping young adults finding their way in the world of driving. At UTTER Training, we cater for the way our students learn. If it takes time to learn or just learning difficulties, we invest more time where needed or adjust our techniques to suit.

With my experience of 36 years of driving in all manner of vehicles I have learned that patience, courtesy, safe practices behind the wheel and knowledge has awarded me Safe Driver Awards in the Transport Industry and an excellent reputation. I pride myself on my skills as a driver. My mission every day is to pass these skills, knowledge and safe driving onto future drivers, ONE STUDENT at a time. I am passionate about road safety and safety in life skills. We all want to come home safe and well each and every day to our families. The earlier we start with Learner Drivers the better. 

We feel every feeling and emotion that our students feel in every lesson and on Test Day. UTTER Training will always work to having positive outcomes for each student with every lesson and Driving Test. We get up every day and feel like we can make a difference one student at a time. I enjoy what I do and meeting new students and their families. I feel privileged that parents trust me with their children moving to adulthood. The reward is seeing these young people pass us on the road for years and we can say..."I helped them do that".

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