Beginner Pack at UTTER Training Driving School

Beginner Pack


Check Point - Beginner program: 3 x 1 hour driving lessons PLUS online coaching videos!

This is the checkpoint beginner course that covers many of the initial driver topics when first starting out to drive. It's a good initial starter program when you are just learning the basics of driving.

Checkpoint Module 1 - Vehicle induction:

Module 1 covers basic vehicle induction information and vehicle setup procedures:

Checkpoint Module 2 - Principles of steering and vison use:

In module 2 we will cover the core knowledge for developing the correct way to steer a vehicle and how to use your vision. Vision is the key element in driving and also applies in being able to steer correctly and smoothly.

Checkpoint Module 3 - Turns and gap selection:

Module 3 is designed to assist with making left and right turns at intersections and roundabouts. There is also an element of judgement required, so the second part covers gap selection for turns, following distances and how to execute u-turns at streets and lights.

Checkpoint Module 4 - Road laws

Module 4 addresses some common and complex road law application and common compliance issues. This modules is not state specific, as rules can vary from each State or territory. There is a link to each states road law on our website if you need further assistance.
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